Saturday, December 31, 2005


Casandra and Micsto

Myspace intermission: Occasionally, we take a break from the main "6000 list" to encounter people at Myspace. Who do you find more intriguing? Casandra writes, "Ethnically, I am half-German. Spiritually, I am half-Asian. Emotionally, I am half-Pashtun. Intellectually, I will blow your mind. My Chinese name is Chung Li. I fence competitively. I am an award winning artist and speaker. My free time is spent writing short stories in Vietnamese." Or Micsto, whose interests include "music, film, art, photography, dance (flamenco, middle eastern folkloric, bellydancing: traditional and tribal), drummer (mainly Middle Eastern), world politics, history, cooking, books, writing, traveling to obscure locations, people watching and causing chaos."

Obviously, both Casandra and Micsto are curious people with lots of interests. Casandra seems a little intimidating, so I would prefer to have intelligent conversation with Mitsco.
I notice a lot of young people like to push some edgy ideas, but much of it seems to be an expression of the rebellion they will have and gaining the attention that goes with it. The people I worry about are those who show the attitude and manner of dress, but don't talk about it. Much of the disconnect that is prevalent with a lot of the under 25 is also their response to the hypocrisy and accepted status quo that many of the older ones seem to have accepted. They are more savvy in realizing the motives that occur behind the scenes, and not just what the programmers want them to notice. Unfortunately, the tradeoff of younger ones becoming more sophisticated is some loss of innocence. They know that something is going very wrong with the socio-politico policies, but they aren't educated well enough to put their finger on the whole situation. In short, Cassandra may be acting out some frustration and Micsto seems to be using escapism as a means.

I'm only an amateur sociologist, but in the years I've spent in social work and teaching situations, I've become much more wary of the parents than the offspring. If more older adults would take advantage of their experiences and couple it with the passion of the younger ones, then we might not allow the corporate elite (fascists) to trample on us in the way they do. If we don't work with the politics at hand, then they will continue to manipulate through that same system. We allow the subtle mind control that does occur and settle for the pre-programmed status quo that follows. So, this formerly strict, conservative disciplinarian now allows for more patience in letting the students express themselves in how they blow a little steam or in other ways they need to communicate.
Mitsco second sounds like a reasonable dinner partner. It sounds as though we might have a lot to talk about. Also, anyone who flamenco dances goes to the top of my tree of interest.
While both seem interesting, I think I lean toward Casandra. Sounds like she can hold her own on just about any topic.
You spelled Cassandra's name wrong.
But the most interesting part is that Cassandra's profile isn't a lie. :)
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