Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Suggestions for people

I welcome your suggestions for more people to add to "The Six Thousand."

Suzanne of The Farmers Wife. She's one of favorite people on the planet. You'll dig her.
Apparently only good-looking people are worth meeting, based on the pictures on your site. Are there no interesting, important schlubs out there?
Fred Shuttlesworth - one of the most integral civil rights activists in the history of America. He rocks.
Suggestions for people
I welcome your suggestions for more people to add to "The Six Thousand."END QUOTE

This is to nominate: Paul Lutus.
He's a legendary computer programmer, hermit, millionaire, word explorer and creative maverick.
He's not a kook, as evidenced by his high level of articulation of his outlook.

He was creator of commercially sucessful applications like Apple Write and others.
He writes superb programs which he offers freely to everybody.
He sailed solo around the world, and frequently explores remote places, especially in Alaska.
At one point he retreated to a Thoreau-shack to live on $40/year.
Worked for Microsoft, and now argues it's immoral to buy MS products.
Expresses interesting views on diverse topics.

a) http://www.arachnoid.com/
b) http://www.arachnoid.com/lutusp/
c) http://www.atariarchives.org/deli/cottage_computer_programming.php
Robert Anton Wilson fnord.
Wil Wheaton
Chris Phoenix

Eric Drexler

Paul of Futurehi.net

Ralph Merkle

Kevin Warwick

I suppose I could go on for longer, but you get the picture...
Oh, and Eliezer Yudkowsky of the Singularity Institute, ofcourse.

And how could I forget Bruce Klein of the Immortality Institute?
Hi! Please take my friends Travis and Clint Chesney into consideration. These two are the nicest people I know and seem to have an endless amount of talent. They are starting their own film company, but are also writing, acting, editing, doing everything they can to make it in Hollywood. And they actually are honest, honorable people. You can see them on their myspace at myspace.com/loudcat or myspace.com/dislexik. But please, don't take my word for it, ask anyone of his friends or anyone he's come in contact with, Caroline Desjarlais , Joni Okumura , Roger Kiplinger, Artist , or anyone on their lists or friends.

They volunteer, they help promote local bands, if nothing else, they are just two cool guys who are trying to get by on creativity and integrity, as opposed to backstabbing and ruthlessness.
Sometimes it seems like everyone has already met him (certainly anyone who does never forgets him), but Jon Singer is definately worth meeting. (Also here.)

Why? Besides the fact Jon is erudite, interesting and copacetic, he is also a real polymath/synthesist. An expert in multiple fields able to bring them together in new and interesting ways.

I am Jack William Bell.
Why are most of the women "model-quality" beauty, and the men fairly ordinary looking? Are you gobsmacked that beautiful women can also be intelligent/talented/interesting, or is it that only beautiful, intelligent women are interesting? A bit chauvanistic, isn't it?

One of my favourite people online (and also an online friend) is writer and historian, Hanne Blank.
I nominate: Weirdpixie , Mac Tonnies, Rev. John Fenderson, Klintron, and s a u c e r u n e y.

Christ! What a Rogue's Gallery.
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Ted Kooser, currently in his second term as Poet Laureate http://www.loc.gov/poetry/laureate_current.html .
ze frank of zefrank.com
derek erdman

Chris Boden, he founded The Geek Group (www.thegeekgroup.org), and plays with lightning for fun. I've met him in person last year and he's the weirdest guy I've ever met.
James Gleick (http://www.around.com/) is an author, reporter, and essayist. His latest book, Isaac Newton, was a Pulitzer Prize finalist this year and a national bestseller, as were Chaos: Making a New Science (Viking Penguin, 1987) and Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman (Pantheon, 1992). His other books include Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything (Pantheon, 1999) and What Just Happened: A Chronicle from the Electronic Frontier (Pantheon, 2002). They have been widely translated abroad.

I like all the nominations thus far... :)
I nominate Chingo Bling.

JD from http://www.hotsaucelive.com
Eisenhower ‘Ike’ Hill is a high altitude native of Colorado Springs. After extensive blackouts, he now runs guns to fuel the Missouri Border Wars near Kansas City, Mo. He is fully credited for the theory of "complete a sentence, and take a shot of whiskey." In his spare time, which is a lot, he enjoys dressing as a Catholic priest and hearing the confessions of hot chicks.

I nominate Jorn Barger.
how about "Heywood Jablome"
Howard Bloom



The Omnologist Manifesto
Howard Bloom

We are blessed with a richness of specializations, but cursed with a paucity of panoptic disciplines-categories of knowledge that concentrate on seeing the pattern that emerges when one views all the sciences at once. Hence we need a field dedicated to the panoramic, an academic base for the promiscuously curious, a discipline whose mandate is best summed up in a paraphrase of the poet Andrew Marvel: Let us roll all our strength and all Our knowledge up into one ball, And tear our visions with rough strife Through the iron gates of life.

Omnology is a science, but one dedicated to the biggest picture conceivable by the minds of its practitioners. Omnology will use every conceptual tool available-and some not yet invented but inventible-to leapfrog over disciplinary barriers, stitching together the patchwork quilt of science and all the rest that humans can yet know. If one omnologist is able to perceive the relationship between pop songs, ancient Egyptian graffiti, Shirley MacLaine's mysticism, neurobiology, and the origins of the cosmos, so be it. If another uses mathematics to probe traffic patterns, the behavior of insect colonies, and the manner in which galaxies cluster in swarms, wonderful. And if another uses introspection to uncover hidden passions and relate them to research in chemistry, anthropology, psychology, history, and the arts, she, too, has a treasured place on the wild frontiers of scientific truth-the terra incognita in the heartland of omnology.

Let me close with the words of yet another poet, William Blake, on the ultimate goal of omnology:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

Copyright 2001 Howard Bloom
I notice you don't have any forklift mechanics on the list yet. I imagine that it's hard to make a choice, considering the many fine candidates out there. Keep in mind that you don't have to limit it to just one person. I, for one, wouldn't mind sharing the honor. (yeah, right, ok, so I'd sulk, but I'd probably get over it)
Steve Wozniak - the technical brains behind the original Apple computer.
I would like to nominate Harlan Ellison. While it's true that he hasn't much of an online presence, posting only to the message board on his official website, his talent, impact, and unique outlook cannot be denied.

Also, you may want to consider Dr. Charles Pellegrino: Paleontologist, forensic archaeologist, science historian, author--whether in a submersible thousands of fathoms deep in the ocean or excavating Herculaneum, he may be the closest thing to a scientist-adventurer we have.
I would like to nominate Joseph Matheny, author of the book Ong's Hat: The Beginning. In my humble opinion, Joseph is one of the great thinkers and visionaries of our times.

Anthony Gatto - probably hands down the best juggler who has ever lived. Accomplishments include juggling 9 balls for over 2 minutes (video), and doing things with 7 balls that defy description (video). One very good reason he should make this list, is he has a forum in which he reponds to everyone. Perfect place to meet the greatest juggler of all time.
Hi Cliff,

Here are a few people I find of special interest:

Farley Mowat - Probably Canada's greatest writer.

Barry Boadfoot - Another outstanding Canadian writer. He also has some interesting ideas on why selling books is so difficult.


Raymond Loewy - who created so much of modern style.


Leroy Neiman - Terrific commercial artist.


Hi ,
Tis is a somewhat strange recommendation but here goes. Sometimes if someone writes a very difficult question on the blog known as "IGOSSIP" someone named digby answers, the answers are the most thought provocing I have ever read or seen , he always generates a flurry of responses from all groups , interstingly , all the responses are positive no matter the source.You can write something under the category of confessions and see if he answers , that is the only way I know of getting some form of contact with him
Oh, man -- so many worthy names...

Well, don't miss Hans Moravec, Rudy Rucker, Bruce Stering, or John Shirley.

Sorry if I named any repeats.

Oh, hell -- I think *I'm* sort of interesting, but you decide.

Here are my websites:




Jeff Somers: www.innerswine.com
Another vote for Mac Tonnies!!!!!

Check out www.mactonnies.com
to access his website; daily blog "Posthuman Blues"; and the recently resurrected "Cydonian Imperative"
It would be a shame to overlook Mac Tonnies. I'd like to see him on the list.
Oh for Fuck's Sake! I nomiated Mac Tonnies AGES ago.

Sorry Mac, but it's true
I nominate Bernie DeKoven, the Guru of Fun. Without fun, all is lost.

(I had more, but others have already beat me to them!)
Oh, I almost forgot the Discordian economist J. Orlin Grabbe! He's so interesting that it's not possible to summarize why here. Check out his page, particularly the links to his essays (under the "connect to" heading).
I'm suprised Paul Hughes of Future Hi isn't on the list. He has single handedly pulled together much of the alienated transhumanity community under a new, very progressive, very optimistic and utopian visionary community.
I will nominate Jon from Pluvs Vltra because he talks about things in a simple way and he talks about any imaginable subject there is.

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Larry Carlson

Creator of the online digital trip
Visionary artist, interdimensional being.....

Alex Jones of Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com

Srini Kumar of Unamerican.com
Ben Casnocha
Entrepreneur, High School Student, Writer
Seriously, this guy came online in the late 90's and was an instant GOD to people all over the planet.
He is well mannered and at the same time outrageously rude. He has the ability to see thru people and find thier central truths. He will AMAZE you with his insights and make you think like you never have before. This MAN is unquestionably THE NEXT and Closest thing to CHRIST online!
Talk to him and he will bring your life into place. You will know your path and achieve greatness in your lives!
He goes by the name of GODZHOR2. Nobody knows anything else about him. I feel that it would behoove you to find this person, and gain him as a part of this site. Unless of course, he finds you first.

I nominate Randall at www.bigwhiteguy.com

He's a Canadian living in Hong Kong and his site is an excellent look at life from a foreigner's point of view.
gene monterastelli

Gene can get out of a straight jacket, pick off little green army men with a bull whip, ride a unicycle, ride a mini bike, juggle five balls, eat fire, and do a handful of card tricks (not all at once).

published work at

blogging at
How about nominating people who made such an impact on the posthuman-imagined realm that their presence still resonates through hyperspace even after their physical death?

Philip K. Dick
The great cliff pickover himself
without who this blog would not exist...
Dean Kamen, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs.
Interesting concept of aggregating all the interesting ppl to meet, but why just 6000, any reason behind it?
Renate Loll - www.phys.uu.nl/~loll/
I nominate Norman Borlaugh. He's helped over 6 million people in Africa, Mexico and China live, through his new strains of hardy crops. He's a Noble prize winner, and a hell of a guy.
Al Young, the poet laureate of California. He's a pretty cool guy. Had the pleasure of meeting him the other day.
I nominate Thomas Scoville -- a very thoughtful, creative guy who has made contributions all over the map: novelist, cartoonist, occult satirist, plus he's written a ton of stuff on technical culture, some of which has been picked up by the cog/sci, Computational Linguistics people, widely quoted and reprinted. He's also really funny. He's the guy who did the Silicon Valley Tarot
Sanford Berman, librarian, activist, all around great person.
Julie Bartel and Jenna Freedman. Two great 'zine librarians.
I would strongly suggest you consider the great American novelist, Jonathan Carroll for your list. Carroll has been compared to Murakami, Jonathan Lethem, and the South American Magic Realists, but his work is really sui generis in the best sense of the phrase. A rather enigmatic person, he has lived for decades in Vienna and makes few public appearances. Lethem has called Carroll "one of my heroes," Neil Gaiman said Carroll is one of the greatest living writers, etcetera. There is a wonderful website for his work and he keeps one of the most sublime blogs around. Check him out:

Just a thought,
Dagmar Lipovics
Cheryl Healy is an amazing young lady with a sharp mind and even sharper wit. I highly recommend her page as it contains both words and images that can lighten the darkest days or just make you chuckle.
Gregg Coffey... artist, musician, master-of-many-cuisines. His website doesn't do justice to the depth and humour of one of the most amazing people I've ever met.
Robert Fripp: musician, teacher, and "alternative record company executive". Known for his work with King Crimson and solo "Soundscapes". Recently hit the headlines when he was in Seattle creating the sounds for Microsoft Windows Vista.
Zak Smith, an artist who has illustrated every page of Gravity's Rainbow. See: http://tinyurl.com/pcbvl
Molly Holzschlag, one of the twenty-five most influential women of the web.

See molly.com
John Titor would make for an interesting meeting, he's from 30 years in the future apparently.
Farouk El-Baz: my favorite Egyptian-American lunar geologist. The father of remote sensing: when he heard of genocide in Sudan, he asked for satellite pictures of the desert so he could suss out the location of underground water supplies. Happens to have also trained the astronauts of Apollo 15, antagonized for educational reforms in Egypt, and discovered the largest crater in the Sahara.

Gregory David Roberts: formerly the 'Gentleman Robber,' robbing banks (with a toy pistol) in three-piece suits to support his heroin habits. Escaped from an Australian maximum security prison in broad daylight, fled to Bombay, and preceeded to open up a first aid clinic in the slums, forge passports for the Bombay mafia, gunrun to Afghanistan, and fall in love. Captured and sent back to prison, he then wrote Shantaram, a 1000-page tome of his experiences that reads like liquid honey.
Suggestion: Robert Anton Wilson, as he is a:

Conspiracy Theorist

Stephen Hawking
carl sagan
enough said
I suggest Pablo Weisz-Carrington the son of Leonora Carrington the Surrealist Artist.
He is an amazing Surrealist Artist and Sculptor. He is also a doctor and a poet.

Also Phil Lesh and Robert Hunter of The Grateful Dead.

Radio: Art Bell of Coast To Coast AM.
Honorable Mention: Artists
Zazie, Craig Blair, Jim Sebor, Derek Scefonas, Richard Dotson, Xtian, Karl Franklin,Daniel C. Boyer, Helmuth Goede, Willem den Broeder, Bernard Dumaine, Tibor, PixlF.U.X.A., Lady Hannah Cadaver,
Bruce Brodie.
Mr. Lyn Buchanan - I think he's worth a go at the list - very interesting person - high up there on the Mensa list too!
I would certainly add Dale Pendell to the list- author of the GREAT Pharmako series of books.

Come to think of it- I would add myself! Author of Milky Way Marmalade and filmmaker.

Since you have Susan Randall, why not add:
- A. Liam Fitzpatrick,
- Robert Burgert
I vote for Col. John Alexander Ph.D. - he's led a very interesting career in the US Military overseeing the nations most top secret highly classified and bizare projects.
Hal Puthoff - currently he is working on Zero point energy.

Ingo Swann: Now this man will be worth you efforts to put on this list.
Dr. Clio Cresswell, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Carslaw Building (F07)
University of Sydney NSW

Author of: Mathematics and Sex
Allen & Unwin (September 1, 2004)
ISBN: 1741141591

Born in England, she spent part of her childhood on a Greek island, and was then schooled in the south of France where she was studying Visual Art. At eighteen she simultaneously discovered the joys of Australia and mathematics. Clio studied mathematics at The University of New South Wales and following a stint as an actuary, returned to university to win the University Medal and complete a PhD. Today, Clio is a proud Australia Day Ambassador.

Clio has interviewed personalities on The Panel; delivered serious book reviews for the Science Show on ABC’s Radio National; has been a not-so-serious host on breakfast radio on Triple M; has given relationship advice on Beauty and The Beast; been a brain on The Einstein Factor; has made jokes on The Glasshouse; won the debate for The Greatest Australian on the ABC TV special of the same name (successfully speaking for Lord Howard Florey); and was even voted one of the 25 Most Beautiful People by Who Weekly in 2001.

Submitted by: Stewart Dickson
Pamela Jaye Smith, "Alpha-Babe"
Consultant, Speaker, Writer, Producer and Director. International credits, clients, and venues include:
o Microsoft
o Disney Feature & TV Animation
o Paramount Pictures
o Columbia Sony
o Universal Studios
o director Wes Craven
o RAI TV, Rome Italy
o Thot Fiction, Marseilles France
o GM
o American Film Institute
o Natl. Film School of Denmark
o Pepperdine University
o Hughes Space & Communications
o the U.S. Army
o and the FBI.
Pamela has eight years formal training in Comparative Mysticism and is a certified teacher of the Wisdom Schools. She is pursuing a Masters in Military Studies and belongs to a U.S. Army think-tank developing "The New American Warrior in the 21st Century", Ethics & Values, and Empowerment.
Add Katie Glover, creator, founder, financial supporter, web site administrator and sorority housemother to the CG/TV/TG/TS community worldwide by founding Trannyweb.com
Take a look at the man behind many wills MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN . He is a master of spirituality and life. He is very artistic and his brilliance in his many works shines through like white gold.

He is the lead singer for the envelope bending group Tool, also the very harmonius group A Perfect Circle, he does his own compilations known as Pucifier and is the proud owner of Merkin Vineyards in Arizona. I don't see how this man can be passed up.

If you do a little digging you will find this man a diamond among unformed pieces of lead. Probably one of the best under the radar teachers to date pushing himself in every way possible for the better of mankind while staying true to himself.

Please do give him a humble minute of your time.
to hold one above the other is true vanity
Well, dunno if dead ones are valid, anyway: Edie Sedgwick, muse and actress of the underground Andy Warhol, former Vougue's model, passed to history for her controversery, explosive and dramatic existence, and for her stiving beauty and charismatical aura. Milionare heiress of wealthy but mentally ill family, featuring an abusive and violent father and two suicide brother, went to New York in the 60's and found a short but intense fame in the underground scene related to Warhol's Silver Factory. She was the protagonist of some of the best Warhol's films such as "Beauty #2" and "Inner and outer space", but rapidly fell into a black hole of heavy drug abuse, debt and upsetting mental illness. She died only 28 in 1970 form barbiturate overdose, after years of hospitalization including extensive electro-convulsive-therapy and several attempts to drug rehab.
She left one of the most intricate, fashinating, and painfull icon of an already turbulent era.
"Ciao! Manhattan" is a 1970 movie that portraits her in her final stage (she died just before completing of shooting), mixed with '67 New York footage of the golden years.
I do not know if this person is among the 6000 & don't know how to find out, so if she is please forgive.

I nominate Laura Hillenbrand, author of Seabisquit:An American Legend. Critics have said it is one of, if not the best ever written in it's genre. Others have said she set the bar so high it may never be equaled.

The story of her writing the book with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an example of excellence and courage within itself.

She has many other publications/awards.
John Sherman is a refreshingly unsaintly teacher of self-enquiry in the lineage of Shri Ramana Maharishi. This is a man with an unwavering loyalty to truth. I recommend listening to one of his podcasts.
A good person for your blog would be Bruce Eisner who does the Vision Thing blog.
You'd want to meet Yvonne de la Vega, she is a poet and an amazing writer, painter, just overall artist. She's around 100 years old I think, but she still gets carded at clubs! I've been with her when it's happened. She's read poetry with Timothy Leary, recorded with Ray Manzerak and even Herb Alpert.
Check her out, www.myspace.com/yvonnedelavega

Dr. Richard Bandler

Dr. Glenn Morris

Mantak Chia

Check them ou, they will fit in quite nicely on your list. Thanks Dr. Pickover!
This is an amazing list! I'd like to nominate Mike ill. I like his blog.
Jon Clinch. A writer whose book FINN is amazingly well written and whose blog shows someone who really cares about writing, literature, history and life.

Is also a great speaker.

Would be great to have a roundtable including Jon and others on your list.
Renee Blodgett. www.downtheavenue.com

She runs a San Francisco-based tech-centered PR firm. Her blog covers a wide range of topics with brains and spirit and life energy. A passionate reader, a fashion devotee. Some of her best work is about the intersection between humans and technology, with all of its collisions. Not a contrarian, but her voice is unusual in Silicon Valley becauses it asks whether all these gadgets and widgets are really helping. She covers so much ground and is really hitting her stride. Ascendant energy.
Margaret Thatcher (1925- ), former UK Prime Minister http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Thatcher
The World Leader in Toilet Training, Joseph Lalicata. Global patent owner and creator of the Toilet Buddies & Toilet Ink. He's big on the TV this year.
The Mars Volta's Cedric Bixler Zavala. Intriguing.

Beautiful mathematical art of Bathsheba Grossman.
Hello, I have found Tia to be an extraordinary social networker advancing online business opportunities.

Michael Harris


I was born in London, England and now reside in Columbus, Ohio.

I have lived in the Middle East, France, Switzerland and visited Germany, Canada, Ireland, Spain.

BA. Hons: Psychology
BSc. Study of World Religions. Bath Spa University.

Executive/Entrepreneur Coach
Distinction fromBCI

Professional History:

Twenty five years in Personnel and Recruitment across Leisure and Healthcare industries in managerial posts responsible for staff, performance targets, continuous business development, expansion of regional deployment.

VP of Corporate Relations for www.TycoonSystems.com and www.IndustryPlayer.com Developing international B2B and Business School/University partnerships for high performing Business Strategy and Entrepreneur training portal. I am the VP of Corporate Relations for www.TycoonSystems.com the creators of www.IndustryPlayer.com, a Business Simulation Game destined for mobile devices. I am interestedin speaking to parties about developing similar products for mobile delivery.

Games are the biggest revenue producer for convergent devices, providing both gamers and e learning sectors with high turnover margins.The first generation gamers are now grown up, but the video games has not matured yet. Making games that appeal to both adults and younger generations, entertaining, educating with a strong emotional gameplay experiences is the purpose of Tycoon Systems.

By developing business simulation technologies with a specific focus on educational business games for entrepreneurs and business students, our highly interactive designs convey realistic and challenging business games to empower individuals to play their roles as an entrepreneurs, CEOs and Venture Capitalists in a virtual environment as an intense training process. Our virtual business platforms are perfect for the early stage entrepreneur or the business student. Our clients include individual users and large business schools using a variety of packages and simulations. It also provides B2B training for succession and we have a big gaming community around the world.

Industry Player teaches the fundamentals of business and is used by highly regarded institutions such as Ross School of Business, Krannert School of Management, and University of Hong Kong as well and respected business schools worldwide. The educational version takes Industry Player to the next level by including Corporate Social Responsibility as a serious cost factor when building a global business.

• Virtual CEO's must pay attention to using natural resources responsibly by treating the environment as a valuable commodity and workers with integrity.
• By leveraging tax incentives within the game, each company's social responsibility rating is ranked according to their appropriate regard to such resources.
• Participants collaborate to pool resources, reduce production costs and strengthen market positions. Corporate collaborators learn the value of networking and negotiation.

The classroom license admits registrants to the system-wide game. Each classroom has its own high-score list. The license covers 20 students, and is valid for six months.

The dedicated world license allows educational institutions to run their own Industry Player environment. Through an administrator dashboard, instructors can simulate events such as natural disasters, strikes and changing market conditions. These interventions force players to think on their feet - just like the real world.

Industry Player is the only business simulation environment that
incorporates real world data and real world values
for it's 100,000 players worldwide.

What Are 'Serious Games'?

Games and game technology are poised to transform the way we educate and train students at all levels. Education and information, skill training, even political and religious beliefs can be communicated via video games. But these games and repurposed game technology, collectively called "serious games," have yet to be fully embraced by educators. Serious games, like every other tool of education, must be able to show that the necessary learning has occurred. Specifically, games that teach also need to be games that test. Fortunately, serious games can build on both the long history of traditional assessment methods and the interactive nature of video games to provide testing and proof of learning.

My consultancy, www.Amdousconsultants.com is helping companies and organisations create proprietorial estate in Second Life. We host induction events for groups wishing to understand Second Life. In the second quarter of this year you will be able to join our 'Treasure Hunt' ..a fun way to explore and acclimatise yourself in SL as well as a chance to become the first MillionLindenaire! If you would like your organisation to learn about Second Life we have a week training schedule.

I am also founding developer for www.StartUpBusinessSchool.com training for entrepreneurs, the COO of www.amodus.org.uk and a VAR for Sossoon Social Software.

I present on Serious Games and Virtual Worlds to educators and organisation, eliciting the value of 3D training in B2B simulation and games. My next event is for a Canadian Educators Portal, http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/ My consultancy provides support in every collaborative evocation and we provide training and facilitation to network clients.

Please be in touch if you would like further information.

COO of http://www.amodus.org.uk
Social Networking
Research and development in Social Network Analyses and real world applications. Enhancing the virtual experience to upgrade online interaction dynamics though new technologies. Humanising the cyber experience and its implications for a social revolution.

Start-Up Business School (Beta)

Entrepreneur: A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the RISK for a business venture.


Start-Up Business School provides clients with the knowledge and tools to succeed for early stage businesses, providing a range of support services that are appropriate to the product, its market, available funding and its stage in the lifecycle. This century may very well be seen as the "Entrepreneurial Age", with thousands of independent and determined individuals taking the entrepreneurial challenge each year.Our world of constant change demands the vision, innovation, and dedication of entrepreneurs.

Start Up Business School provides hands on effective training for entrepreneurs; identifing the current needs for fast track entrepreneurial education and training in real world terms. In the U.S. alone, 90% of all businesses are small businesses.

Start-Up Business School provides a clear path to success by offering a world-class education in the do's and don'ts of creating and maintaining a successful business.

Start Up Business School supports, mentors and educates entrepreneurs to levels of excellence and develops the values and characteristics of best practices for sustainable business success.
I suggest IlChi Lee. Check out his website. Ilchi Lee has spent several decades investigating ways to develop the potential of the human brain. Through his life-long pursuit of brain-centered training methods and programs, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have achieved the benefits of healthier bodies, improved learning, business success, and personal empowerment.

Ilchi Lee personally has trained and consulted with top business leaders, such as Ju Yung Chung, founder of Hyundai Corporation and Jong Hyon Chey, founder of SK Corporation. He taught his method in many parts of the world, including the United States, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan.

The latest result of Ilchi Lee's research and innovation, Brain Education System Training (BEST), aims to help people become the masters of their brains and ultimately of their lives. BEST includes brain-related exercises to increase mind-body coordination, to develop greater openness and flexibility of the mind, and to unleash creative potential from the brain.

Ilchi Lee believes that humanity, by focusing on the brain as the final determinant of human consciousness and behavior, will unite people worldwide in creating a peaceful, sustainable way of life within this century.
Zan Perrion changed my life. He teaches a new and honest way of interaction between men and women. One of the leaders in the world of a new men's movement.
Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, a creative, hustling, loving force in modern art. Just google her name.
Eugene Chadbourne, guitar player
The brilliant "6000", English expat author of 6000 miles from cvilisation.

Singularly appropriate?
Richard Dawkins
here are a few people doing very unusual things. all easily found via Google) -
Masaru Emoto
Richie Sowa
Jacque Fesco
Paul Rebhan
Alyce Santoro
Poppa Neutrino
I nominate Nigel Tufnel (a non de plume of course). He used to inspect sausages and now he's changing the world through the escalation of positive thought waves through the internet, charged by the power of sex.
WALKABOUT JONES! He is launching a medical marijuana delivery service to show how the laws work in California. He also features great art, music, and photography--and all despite having a serious illness.



After witnessing her parents' deaths and coping with her brother's suicide she pushed through on her own, literally raising herself, and surviving life. She has turned into an incredibly intelligent young woman. Strongest person I have ever met hands down. And she is beautiful!!!
dross; http://www.dross.com/ creator of the wackycrackheads and other misadventures.
Jill Leovy, of the LA Times. Author of 'The Homocide Report' Giving a face to the hundreds of 'Un-newsworthy' victims left in the shadows.
cliff, you chose most of those women because they're physically attractive. i'll bet you masturbate a lot LOL
David Sereda
Micheal Best isa deticated and wonderful person. he is a graphic desinger and owns a cafe in Denmark.. you will love him
Olivia Judson

An evolutionary biologist and daughter of science historian Horace Freeland Judson, is the author of “Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation: The Definitive Guide to the Evolutionary Biology of Sex,” which was made into a three-part television program. Ms. Judson has been a reporter for The Economist and has written for a number of other publications, including Nature, The Financial Times, The Atlantic and Natural History. She is a research fellow in biology at Imperial College London.


Damien Olsen: Talented Obscure and complex in many talents; musician, Digital Artist, Photographer, Sculptor, Painter, Dancer.
His art is hard to classify, google him and discover him.
he's on a journey to finding himself with witty banter and amazing photography along the way.
I would like to know how to register on this site, I wanna sugges a person such as Marko Calasan the microsoft's youngest administrator,only 8 years old...thanks
WHy are all the women pictures young and good-looking? THe men seem to run the gamut from old and wrinkly to young and handsome. I sense a bias, Mr. Pickover...
Is there a collective list of 6000, searchable? Otherwise, not sure if this is new or not.
How about

By the way, other than one Wall St. sellout, the reat Are all cool. Forgive my hasty evaluation. Such a disappointment however that she is highlighted first of all, when all of the others chose to benefit others with their work, she chose to join the moneyhungry. That makes her far from cool or even beautiful in my eyes. She's trained in medicine and so many other great disciplines, and she's effectively gone to work for the Madoffs and the AIGs of the world. Bleh. Glad you didn't post that, I just feel sorry for her.
Ramona Borthwick- jazz pianist and composer, Asian chef extraordinaire,
designer of dozens of web sites primarily for musicians and still a pure spirit
One of your most interesting books has been Dreaming the Future: The Fantastic Story of Prediction

So, what if have programmed myself to do this daily?

I have not written books or tell the world how i do it but I do it reliably!

So, in this case I am introducing myself rather than my favored barbarian!

You may say how arrogant? I may say how lucky that I read your book a few years ago while I was in Athens Greece

My anima ... she said I should be bolder and more daring ... so, I took all my civilized clothing off and i give you a cell call

She is very provocative this woman who is half of me .. she has become the main attraction and in dreams she comes looking like the daughter I never had!

So, if I qualify in some way ... let me know and I will get the painter Dante Gabriel Rossettti to paint me and my specialty ...
Jack Blood & www.americanfreedomradio.com (founded by alt media super hero Danny Romero)

Blood has been "tellin it" for 10 years, and has interviewed the likes of Tim Russert, Ollie North, and a myriad of celebs - on his daily radio show. TMV is a new show by Blood, dedicated to music and politics, on www.polygraphradio.com

best "unknown" on AM / FM and the web - should make the top 5K here.
Theresa Andersson brilliant musician ! One person band !
Karl L Le Marcs. Quantum Theorist, A Dark Philosopher, Author of CtCw (Collapsing the Consciousness wave) theory of Consciousness and main contributor to the international FORUM of the books of UK Author, Anthony Peake.

I'm glad so many women are out there doing such great things, but why aren't there more young-ish men on this list? Please don't tell me that there aren't any...I have heard from a few sources now that while women are stepping it up, it is actually getting harder to find young men who are doing "amazing" things...I really hope this is not true because we need both sexes.
Cindy Mestion of the Sexual Psychophysiology Lab http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu/homepage/group/MestonLAB/HTML%20files/About_meston.htm. Author of Why Women Have Sex.
Olga Holtz http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~oholtz/, winner of Sofia Kovalevskaya award 2008
I hereby suggest myself.

blong206b (google)

main site dancehamptonroads.com

Clifford, I love the way she thinks about design ... thinking ... a bright and beautiful to add

best Tony ... your favored barbarian
Clifford, you seem to have lost interest in the magical Other! I wonder why?

Let's try this trajectory. You seem to be attracted to Math, Physics, Forecasting, now how the body works. But what about Psychology? The study of all those characters that surface from within! How about this focus?

I think you will love focusing on the Magical Other and start up all over again the focus of the 6000 Cool people / women you would love to meet.

Best Adonis
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