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Candice Millard

Candice Millard’s mind explores the world on a daily basis. She’s a former writer and editor at National Geographic magazine. She's written on Ethiopian Christians and the lost Ark. Her latest work,The River of Doubt, is an incredible adventure narrative and a penetrating biographical portrait -- the true story of Theodore Roosevelt’s harrowing exploration of one of the most dangerous rivers on earth. The River of Doubt is a black, uncharted tributary of the Amazon that snakes through one of the most treacherous jungles in the world. Indians armed with poison-tipped arrows haunt its shadows; piranhas glide through its waters; boulder-strewn rapids turn the river into a roiling cauldron.

Having read The River of Doubt and enjoyed it tremendously, I agree that Candice Millard would be fascinating to meet online, but since she doesn't seem to have her own web page (at least not one you've linked to), how would one go about doing that?
I read an interview of Candice Millard online and it was excellent. She put so much work and care into writing the book and it shows. Truly someone we would all want to meet online or to see speaking or lecturing. But there is so little available on her.
I just finished this book and it was riveting. I read a review of it and though I would never be interested in Theordore Roosevelt OR the Amazon, I couldn't put it down. I learned so much. She is so talented that I wanted to send her an e-mail, but cannot find a way to do that. OH well, hope she finds this link.......
I too am in the process of reading "River of Doubt". As a student of TR, I have read many accounts of his Amazon expedition, even his own book "Through the Brazilian Wilderness". This truely is a wonderful and exciting account. I also would like to personnaly congratulate Ms. Millard.
Bill Lemanski
THE RIVER OF DOUBT is one of the best presidential biographies I have ever read, right up there with JOHN ADAMS by David McCullough. I forced myself to read a Pulitzer Prize winning bio of Theodore Roosevelt but THE RIVER OF DOUBT, I could not put down until the last page. I also wanted to send an email to Ms Millard to compliment her on an outstanding accomplishment. I am emailing my friends to highly recommend this book!!!
I also have read The River of Doubt and enjoyed it very much. I would like to hear her speak on her research into her work. I am looking forward to additional works that Ms. Millard comes out with in the future.
My dad works with her husband, I know she loves it when people enjoy her book!
I would like to send her an e-mail, in her book Roosevelt had an infection that needed attention when he arrived to safety. My Grandfather was the doctor that operated in this more serious malady. She might want to know details.
The River of Doubt is sensational, tense and intense at the same time. In addition to the character portrait, the understanding of the incredible natural world that confronted TR's journey is beyond compelling. Do you, Candace, give public talks? If so, you are hereby invited to speak at Rosemont College just outside Philadelphia.

Many thanks, Bob
The River of Doubt is a real page turner. All the collateral information from the time really enlivens the writing. Having been to Brazilian jungle on the Rio Uriqueria, N of Boa Vista, the writing makes me sweat, itch and remember with awe the denseness of the jungle. I long to go back. Tom. Arlington, TN
River of Doubt is a great book. The Amazonian reagion is a fascinating world, and Ms. Millard did a wonderful job depicting the jungle and the dangerous in it. As a Brazilian I was curious why she spells the city of Manaus as Manaos I have never seen that spelling before, if anyone out there know why it was spelled that why, please post your answer here.
i'm brazilian and just loved the book.I think there's nothing to add, it was a wonderful work.

I wish have her email to send greetings and invite her to come to brazil, lately she has a lot of fans here.
I just finished the River of Doubt and I was less than impressed. The book is slow and choppy in its delivery. The story is cluttered with detail at the beginning and then dramatically turns to a brief synopsis as the story turns to the actual journey. The ending does not fail to disappoint as it is both abrupt and extremely anticlimactic. I am not familiar with her other works but I was not satisfied with this one.
Prezada Candice,

Acabei de ler seu livro "O Rio da Dúvida" e não podia deixar de parabenizá-la.
Redescobre dois heróis: Roosevelt e Rondon.

candice milard is my aunt! she's so excited and happy with this book, she's already started work on another one. i'll tell you the concept is very interesting but i won't reveal any more than that. she thanks all her fans for their support, but she does not hold online chats with them. if you want to talk with her i suggest going to one of her talks or book signings.
One of my favorite books up and until reading River of Doubt was Laura Hillenbrand's Seabiscuit. Both of these fine books and fine authors demonstrate the high art of bringing the reader directly into the experiences of which they write. Seabiscuit left me feeling like a horse owner and River of Doubt left me feeling like a bug bitten, emaciated jungle explorer. I could not put River of Doubt down until I was finished with it, and then found myself wishing I'd rationed chapters just as Roosevelt and team did their supplies.
I am the great-great grandson of G K Cherrie, one of the members of the River of Doubt expedition. I met Candice Millard at the Explorers' Club in NYC when her book was released and I would really like to contact her. Does anyone have an email address or contact information for her? Please contact me at if you can help. Thanks.
Outstanding book. It almost reads like a Jack DuBrul Novel. It just goes to show you that that truth can be better than fiction. With the right writer and of course TR's personality,you have a great read. She makes you realize the struggles, both mental and physical. And reminds me how much i hate mosquitoes! Not to mention I learned things about our planets geography That I did not know. Another plus! Thanks for a great book!
Candice, vivo em Rondônia e acabei de ler seu livro, muito bom! Parabens(congratulations)!
Poderíamos organizar uma escursão pelo RIO DA DÚVIDA para comemorar 100 anos da viagem de RONDON e ROOSEVELT, o que voce acha...Faríamos o mesmo percurso com guias locais etc.


Gabriel de Lima Ferreira
Candice is my aunt, she married mark uhlig, my mom's brother my moms maiden name is lori annie uhlig and she has a facebook but i don't know if she lets anyone add her, but let me tell you, she is soooo so sweet in person, a great mom too! :D if you have questions email me at :D
I had the pleasure of meeting Candice on a Southwest flight to Baltimore yesterday. I didn't realize how lucky I was to have met her until now.
I am a fan of any Presidential biographies and background stories concerning U.S. Presidents. Was absolutely lost into 'The River of Doubt'. Thank you, thank you thank you for one of the most enjoyable reads in a very long while.

As an aside, I had no idea who Candice Millard was until looking for more of her works then stumbled upon a photo taken at a lecture. At the risk of sounding totally sexist I must comment that not only does she have a gift with word, Candice is fabulously attractive. Kudos to you Ms. Millard. Keep the good works coming.
Ms Millard! Your story of the TR and Amazon is just breathtaking. Some time ago I read the very "Theodore Rex", but I was badly missing an equally great story on the showing TR as an explorer. Thank you for filling this gap! Besides, as a forest ecologist studying northern forests, your story makes me feel really blessed :)
Ms. Millard takes the reader on a delightful and accurate journey through time. It's refreshing to have found a new young writer I can get excited about.
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