Thursday, January 26, 2006


Maria Chudnovsky

Maria Chudnovsky was born in Israel and is now assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Princeton and a Clay Research Fellow at The Clay Mathematics Institute. The largest secret photo of her on the web can be found here.

Chudnovsky, 28, yearns to understand the world completely. Why do storm clouds appear before it rains? Why do we catch cold? What was really wrong with her car? Most of the time, she ends up frustrated. So she takes comfort in the abstract realm of mathematics, where all facts derive from provable universal laws. Let's follow her on her never ending quest.

Her research includes graph theory and combinatorics. She received he Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2003. Her mind-blowing thesis was titled "Berge Trigraphs and Their Applications." A wonderful article about her appeared in Popular Science. Here is link to her CV. Here is a list of her publications.

where was everyone else on this page born?
Her CV doesn't say anything about where she was born. Judging by her name, she was born in Russia though.
It's funny that she uses a picture of Cathrine Zeta Jones on the blog page, as you will see that the pictures "of her" on the other pages are distinctly a different person. I guess it's a attention grabber but... just funny.
She does look like Catherine Zeta.
I love to be with people who are truly interested in everything.

It makes for the most interesting people you will ever meet.
I was her student back in 1999, and she is gorgeous. She is funny, looks great, smart - the entire package.
If I wasn't that stupid at the time, I'd ask her out.
If there is a Miss Beautifull Mind World, I bet she wil be absoulute winner.

She's gorgeous in face, smile, and of course brain.
Solve one of the oldest conjecture in Combinatorics is the become the dreams of all mathematician.
Ms. Chudnovsky solve it :)

I've never met gorgeous mathematician women, except Ms. Chudnovsky.


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