Friday, February 17, 2006


Koren Zailckas

Who is Koren Zailckas? One reviewer suggets that Koren's book Smashed is a well-written, seriously scary book that will likely have many readers cringing when they read about the problems alcohol led to for Zailckas. A cautionary tale and an engrossing memoir. Koren writes lucidly and poetically about her past, showing the effects of her lifestyle without ever trying to invoke pity for anything that happened to her in the past.

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax
Loved the book! It was vrey almost told the story of MY "drunken girlhood." A great read for girls, and women. Those who partied a lot in college or those who fear their daughters may be. I really enjoyed it!
I loved the book! it was really eye opening for me, and i am 13. i would love to meet Koren and learn more of her life story, i am glad that she has moved on this far, and especially that she has made a name for herself and shared with others like me what alcohol can do to a young woman. i had never thought of the effects that it had specifically on woman i just thought of it as a more general thing rather than a feminine hardship. i really am looking forward to more of her work and the movie SMASHED!
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