Saturday, February 11, 2006


Marion Elizabeth Rodgers

Almost nothing is known of the enigmatic Marion Elizabeth Rodgers, aside from the fact that she is a beguiling and haunting author who lives in Washington D.C. Her best-selling biography is "Mencken: An American Iconoclast," a compilation of archival interviews, love letters, and FBI files, shedding light on the public and private life of journalist H.L Mencken. Menken was amazingly prolific, a blogging phenomenon before the term was invented. "A student of the American language, he might have liked the phrase, but would have urged bloggers to stress information over attitude. His style combined relentless facts, a disdain for cliches, and uncompromising integrity. In other words, he was a nightmare for media marketing experts." We do know that Marion Elizabeth Rodgers was an undergraduate at Baltimore's Goucher College when she first became interested in the lives and writings of Mencken and his wife, Sara Haardt. After college, Rodgers lived 3 1/2 years in Baltimore while working on her humongous biography of Mencken.

Hi, a nice blog you have here. You will surely get an bookmark :) Barbon
Ms. Rodgers is the most intelligent beautiful woman in America.
i have been a mencken fan for years from merely reading editorials....i wanted to know who the man was. i found sara mayfield's book and took off from there....I have so his boyhood books, etc.and ms rodgers' also. am happy to have found this lecture on my computer....
I am 91, in asst. living community.....there is no one to talk books to, let alone mencken. I was given a tape of an interview with him and what a gentleman. he might say: I swooned.
Hope miss rodgers sees these blogs ! !
Enigmatic indeed. I cannot find contact information anywhere. If, on the chance that she reads this blog, please contact I realize that any fool can contact me pretending to be Ms Rodgers. Please think twice, I am researching Mencken and need her assistance. Thank you.
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