Sunday, April 16, 2006


Claire Berlinski

Claire Berlinski received her doctorate in International Relations from Balliol College at Oxford University. She has since lived and worked in Britain, Thailand, Laos, France, and Turkey as a journalist, academic, consultant and freelance writer. Her latest book Menace in Europe explores the mystery and ekpyrotic future of this surreal yet important continent. We’ve often thought of Europe as the charming continent of windmills and gondolas. But lately, Europe has become the continent of endless strikes and demonstrations, bombings, radical Islamic cells in every city, and murders for speaking frankly about Islamic immigration. This isn’t the Europe we thought we knew. What’s going on over there? (A secret photo of Dr. Berlinski can be found here.)

Hmmm, intersting subject. I wondered when someone was going to take notice.

And that photo - you could blackmail her with it!


Wonderful! A watchtower has struck up a fire -- will western liberal democracies heed the warning?
Berlinski's book trashed in a review on the Baltomre Chronicle:
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