Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Paul Laffoley

By Paul Laffoley's account, he spoke his first word ("Constantinople") at the age of six months, and then lapsed into 4 years of silence, having been diagnosed with slight Autism. In 1964, Laffoley began work (and lived) in an eighteen-by-thirty foot utility room, where he has produced much of his art. During a CAT scan of his head in 1992, a piece of metal 3/8 of an inch long was discovered in the occipital lobe of his brain, near the pineal gland.

He has produced an estimated 800 of his immensely detailed canvases. At any given time there are dozens of these works already fully-articulated in his mind, waiting to be painted. Paul currently lives in Boston and is still producing his amazing transdisciplinary art.

Paul Laffoley is a genious, I love his art - not just for the beauty, but for the way that the ideas within them are of sheer brilliance and our minds have trouble comprehending them but if you can they are completely true and logical. This man wasn't discovered soon enough, and that's the only sad part about his art.

-DJ Trip Master
I think I remember being amazed years ago by his plans for reduplicating Dante's Infierno/Purgatory/Paradisio on a solar system sized scale.

Laffoley's life work and art is incredible. thank you for sharing it with us.
Mr. Laffoley should be number one on this list!
Mr. Laffoley's work is some of the most incredible artwork I've ever seen. He combines art, science, spirituality (i could go on) and shows us how they all blend and are all a part of one another. I have to disagree with DJ Trip (sorry) there is nothing sad about his art. He has been discoverd in plenty of time (he has no desire to become wealthy off of his art) and his path toward really getting his art out to the public has only just begun...and he is going to blow everyone's (who bothers to pay attention) socks off
If only there was a degree that would teach how to understand Paul's art. Most if it goes way too deep for me to comprehend, but there's something truly magical in his composition and imagery that instantly touched my soul and intuition when I first saw his work via disinfo. His paintings are like bibliographies from which I find truth and knowledge from the greatest thinkers and doers in history. One of the most important memetic engineers of the 20th century imho.
I love the cosmic feel of Laffoley's work and the fact that I don't understand most of it. The visual beauty of it is enough to grab your inital attention but then you are pulled into the meaning and the task of decyphering his unprecedented brilliance. If the human race has any chance to avoid future annhilation it is through his ideas and ideas like his.
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