Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Audre Vysniauskas

After obtaining her degree in Electrical Engineering and spending 15 years working with factory automation and information systems, in 2001 Audre Vysniauskas made a major career change and, signing herself just audre, became a professional illustrator. At about the same time Audre became a vociferous advocate of the use of computers in creating art. She remains extremely active in the digital arts community, having contributed to various digital imaging conferences, conventions, magazines and ventures aimed at helping artists and entrepreneurs.

See Audre's work here.

Hello Cliff,

Thank you so much for the mention on your list. I am honored!

I just wanted to update the URL of my site:

Unfortunately is no longer in use. ( It is now one of those obnoxious parked domain name traps. )

I've gotten through about one third of the names on your list. What a great collection of interesting ideas!

Hello Again, Cliff,

I'm hoping to correct the link to my fractal gallery. My apologies for the duplicate post - the previous one was not click-able.

Art Fractal Gallery

Thanks again for creating and keeping up this very interesting list!
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