Thursday, March 19, 2009


Debbie Berebichez

After obtaining the Doctorate Degree, Dr. Debbie Berebichez pursued two postdoctoral fellowships in applied mathematics and physics and conducted further research at Columbia University's Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics department as well as at New York University's Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences. She is a talented linguist, who speaks five languages. She currently works on Wall St. as a risk analyst and continues to develop video, articles and public communications

sounds hot
Umm, why is she cool? She got the best education and support that there is in math and science at Brandeis, Stanford, and Courant, and what did she use it for? To make big bucks as a `global stock' and `equity risk' analyst. If that's what you call cool, Cliff, don't you wish Einstein, Weyl, Godel, von Neumann had been cooler and gone to Wall Street? I know it won't be approved, but I'm surprised at your interpretation of cool.
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