Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Lisa Randall

Lisa Randall Gray Lisa Randall studies particle physics and cosmology at Harvard University , where she is Professor of Theoretical Physics. Her research concerns the fundamental nature of particles and forces and how matter's basic elements relate to the physical properties of the world that we see. Prof. Randall has worked on a wide variety of ideas for what might lie beyond established particle physics and cosmological theories, including grand unified theories, supersymmetry, cosmological inflation, baryogenesis, string theory and, most recently, extra dimensions of space. She has made seminal contributions in all these areas and as of last autumn, was the most cited theoretical physicist of the past five years.

Read more: http://www.physics.harvard.edu/people/facpages/randall.html

I read "Warped Passages" & enjoyed it & the writing style.

I very much like to see women excel-& she excels in a grand manner.
I met Lisa when she was in Melbourne Australia in 2005. She is a wonderful combination of beauty and brains. I also enjoyed her writing style in "Warped Passages".
Dr. Randall is the real-life version of Dr. Emma Russel in "the Saint". I wonder where Dr. Randall keeps her notes on nuclear fusion.
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