Sunday, April 02, 2006


Coral Hull

My friend Dr. Coral Hull is a respected writer, poet, photographer, editor, and publisher. The last time we chatted, she told me, "I am a multiple, part of a central psyche housing a system of over 50 selves." In particular, she is autistic and is a multiple personality. In some sense, she is a composite entity that can speak as one person (singular) or as many (plural) when required.

She would like to be an example to other multiples and autistics to show them that they can still be who they are and contribute in a positive, responsible, ethical and loving way to human society and the well being of life on Earth. Learn more about her brilliance, caring, creativity, wisdom, and hive mind here, and here.

My 5 year old is Autistic.
This is an absolute hope builder!
Thank you for this wonderful
information on a wonderful person!
What a wonderful & inspiring person. Who wouldn't like to be able to call her a friend?

I'm especially curious to know how the "hive" mind works, how she keeps everything & everyone straight. I clicked on the notation to find out, but no page came up.
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